The Adventure Playground

Introducing the Adventure Playground: Now the whole family can come to The Adventure Park together, and kids under 7 can have their own adventure!

The Adventure Playground allows young climbers, ages 4-6+, to navigate scaled down versions of the Adventure Forest’s bridges and challenges. Young climbers get to ‘harness up’ and use special climbing equipment like the older kids, giving them a sense of autonomy, control, and achievement as they navigate the through eight challenges for up to an hour.

The Adventure Playground is also ideal for some slightly older children (7-9) who might like a ‘taste’ before trying the more advanced canopy trails of The Adventure Forest.

All adventure climbing, in the playground or the canopy, is a learning experience that requires a mix of balance, strength, and strategy. Each time through, your child’s experience will evolve as they apply their discoveries!

With the highest element only 24 inches off the ground, parents can allow their young climber whatever level of encouragement or support they may need.  And, the Adventure Playground is in the middle of the park, right next picnic tables, allowing easy parental monitoring of both their kids on the ground and in the air.

Adventure Playground tickets are only $10 and provide an hour of fun for young climbers.